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Whole Home Generators

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  • Maintenance & Service After Install

  • Installation in 60-90 Days

Unbeatable Service From The Standby Power People™

For many Americans, generators are becoming a must-have household appliance. With unpredictable weather patterns, surprise brownouts, and a deteriorating electric grid, it is better to be safe than sorry. From our turn-key generator installation to years of expert technical support and remote monitoring, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

At Generator Supercenter of East Denver, we offer several high-quality generators from which to choose. While we understand that not every budget can cover a whole-house system, we offer load management solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Our generators range from 18 kW to 80 kW for most residential installs. Turnkey means we do it all. Concrete, plumbing, and electrical are all done by our licensed salaried employees. One call, that’s all.

How Service Sets Us Apart

Fast and Easy Installation

Our units are prepared and ready to go – once you put in your initial order, our team works fast to install your generator.

Maintenance For Life

We specialize in generator maintenance. With our recommended service packages, expert technicians will keep your unit running and in top condition.

Expert Repairs Done Right

Like other machinery, it’s possible for generators to experience issues. No matter what the problem, our skilled technicians are ready to help!

What Does the Installation Process Look Like?

Before installing your residential standby generator, we’ll obtain all the permits and authorizations the city might require. Once approvals are in place, our team of skilled experts will determine the right design and placement for your unit. We deploy concrete, electrical, and plumbing crews to install natural gas lines, rebuild electrical services, and professionally install the unit

Factory Certified Service Staff

Generators are a great way to protect your home from brownouts and power outages. At Generator Supercenter of East Denver, we offer quick and efficient repairs to a variety of different makes and models. Whether you have a natural gas generator, towable generator, diesel generator, propane generator, standby generator, or more, we can help! Our team of factory certified technicians have years of training and experience to solve any problem your system can experience.

New Construction - Ideal for Install

During the new home construction process is the easiest and most affordable time to install a Generac standby generator. If you’re currently building, get a quote and see the savings. 

When it’s installed during the wiring of the house, it allows you, the homeowner,  to save on installation costs. Add these savings together with financing options and the ability to roll costs into the mortgage, and new home construction becomes the ideal time to find value in a standby generator.

Servicing or Maintaining Your Generator?

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience, combined with our around the clock ability to deploy teams of highly trained service staff, is unmatched. We employ more customer service and maintenance staff than any other generator company in the country. As the largest Generac dealer and installer in North America, we are well equipped and fully staffed to handle any need.

Customer Stories

Our mission is to exceed your expectations, from the sales process through installation and a lifetime of service. Let our customers tell you why they’re glad they selected Generator Supercenter of East Denver.

Are You Ready To Invest In Your Home And Your Peace Of Mind?

Turnkey Install & Service

Expert repairs done right. Get fast and easy installation with Generator Supercenter, and ask about our maintenance for life!